ACT vs SAT: Benefits of taking the ACT

Benefits of Taking the ACT

As part of our commitment to provide Spark Prep students with the best test prep, we have designed a cutting-edge curriculum based on Ivy League-backed cognitive research. Our ACT Intensive targets memory and effective learning, delivering our powerful curriculum  through state-of-the-art technology. In just 6 weeks, students can improve their scores — in fact, we guarantee a 3-point increase.

Standardized test scores can make the difference in your college application, opening doors to top universities. 

Deciding Which Test to Take

Should you take the ACT or the SAT? The new SAT test was first administered in March 2016, and includes significant differences from the old SAT test. Since there are fewer official resources to support students in taking the new SAT at this time, we highly recommend that students opt for the ACT.

Competitive schools in the US accept both tests and consider them equally in admissions decisions. However, more students within the US are choosing to take the ACT instead of the SAT.   

Here are a few reasons why you should consider taking the ACT:

  1. The ACT saves students time. Most competitive colleges require students to either take the ACT or to take both the SAT and at least two SAT subject tests. By taking the ACT, students can focus on taking one test. PLUS – Spark Prep’s 6-week ACT course utilizes Ivy League proven methods for more efficient learning.
  2. Better test prep is available for the ACT. The best way to prep for both the SAT and ACT tests is to practice taking past examinations. Since the new SAT has only been offered for six months, very few official exams have been released for students to practice. In contrast, we have access to years of past ACT tests that students can use to practice and study. Spark Prep offers targeted curriculum to get students high results on the ACT.
  3. A good score on the ACT could help students stand out among their peers, particularly in Singapore. Since college admissions officers are accustomed to seeing SAT scores from Singaporean students, a good ACT score could help a high performing student stand out within a competitive pool of applicants.

Enrollment is now open for our ACT Intensive in Singapore — January 21 through March 18 — which will prepare students for the April 8 test date. The course includes 3 mock exams, 63 online learning modules, and weekly in-person classes. Students take the Mock Exam on January 21, break for Chinese New Year, and begin weekly classes on February 11.


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