Admissions Coaching

With headquarters in San Francisco and New York, Spark Prep is an internationally acclaimed college and graduate admissions consulting firm.

In the past six years, our programs have reached over 150 students in seven countries for degree programs ranging from undergraduate to MD and MBA. 

We work nationally and internationally with students of all backgrounds and have successfully helped dozens of students attain admission to the country’s most prestigious programs.

Our approach to the admissions process is simple: we believe that by providing students the opportunity to clarify and articulate their deepest values they can design profoundly authentic and compelling applications. 


This is the commitment we make to students and families who work with us. Fundamentally, Spark Prep believes the admissions process can be a transformative opportunity to discover and declare what we care about most about in life.


When your academic ambitions are in service to something greater than your own individual life, incredible insights arise and the application process itself becomes an opportunity to connect with who you want to be.

Spark Prep is most interested in the student as a human being. The ability to achieve and perform academically is reflected in the student’s transcript, GPA, and board scores, but today’s application offers students the opportunity to share what they find most meaningful about life.

For many 17 and 18 year olds, this may take some soul-searching, but it is a truism that our greatest breakthroughs take place outside of our comfort zone. We ask students to undertake the challenging task of determining what they value, what fascinates them, and what purpose they hope to serve through higher education.

This process produces profound insights that can then be clearly presented throughout an application.


Every student comes from a unique set of circumstances and experiences. Spark Prep customizes their programs for each individual student, designing a process that guides you through every aspect of the admissions process. Our programs include:

  • A comprehensive strength analysis
  • School selection advising
  • Writing workshops
  • Essay coaching
  • Recommendation strategy
  • Family process coaching
  • Interview prep

Spark Prep also works internationally with students via Skype.

To find out more about our programs, please email us.

We can help you with your international application.