Meet Our Students!


We’d like to congratulate the new class of 2020!

Our students this year came from all over the world and from all walks of life. It was a pleasure and a privilege getting to know you all!

Who are our students- 3-26-16

“I believe that the process of fomenting, creating and furnishing the personal statement is a truly one-of-a-kind experience that allowed me to obtain a much deeper insight into my genuine outlook on life. Being a seventeen-year-old teenager, however, I did not possess the sufficient toolkit to classify and organize my overwhelming flow of ideas in a logical and appropriate manner. That was when Luke Taylor showed his masterful skills, offering me support in my essay arrangement and progress. I have to say that with his strategy of determining a trajectory throughout the whole essay, my work was condensed yet still able to manifest what I wanted to say. What impressed me most was his similar approach to the application process generally. He strengthened my belief that the process would actually be a chance for me to discover who I truly am and what I truly represent. Luke is excellent not only in giving essay advice but also in being able to instilling courage.”

Tan Phat, Yale Class of 2020

“In writing this, I consider myself not only a student of Luke’s but also someone who has gradually become his friend. Throughout my application process, Luke was a great mentor. Luke taught me many ways to deliver my authentic voice, specifically dealing with idiomatic expressions or content structures. Yet at the same time, he encouraged me to develop on my own style by clearing out many grey areas. I gradually consolidated many personal beliefs and preferences that are essential in painting a meaningful self-portrait to the colleges without taking away the room for further growth. He has truly been a good friend who supported me in my personal endeavors – sending me a book by Steven Pinker as a present, for instance, right after my acceptance to Stanford.”

Ngoc Minh, Stanford Class of 2020

“Luke was available at every stage of the process, and really took a personal interest in my work. He was always accessible through e-mail, and was quick to respond when I had immediate questions, which was very reassuring during an otherwise extremely stressful process. I would highly recommend Spark Prep to any rising senior about to go through the process; he will help you write amazing essays, keep you calm and informed about the process, and be an overall support system about every step along the way!”

Cassidy, Brown University Class of 2017

“Your guidance is exactly what I needed. Thank you Luke, for you’ve helped me so much during the stressful process. You saved the day!”

Minh Khue, Harvard University class of 2018

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