Farshad M.

UC Berkeley Masters in Engineering, Class of 2018

Applying to the world's top engineering masters program while working full time feels like a daunting task. Spark Prep's help was helpful, efficient, and affordable. Their ability to eloquently highlight technical and complicated strengths and concepts into an engineering focused application was unmatched. It was through their help and guidance that I was able to be admitted to my first preference program!

Cassidy W.

Brown University, Class of 2017

He was available at every stage of the process, and really took a personal interest in my work. He was always accessible through e-mail, and was quick to respond when I had immediate questions, which was very reassuring during an otherwise extremely stressful process. I would highly recommend Spark Prep to any rising senior about to go through the process; he will help you write amazing essays, keep you calm and informed about the process, and be an overall support system about every step along the way!

Samantha G.

ACT Score 36 - University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020

Spark Prep has been so supportive and such a pleasure to work with. You have taught my sons a tremendous amount in a very short period, all the while making it fun. In addition, you have been incredibly generous with your time. Spark Prep really runs a great program and is clearly very dedicated to educating. You all are incredible resources and I can’t imagine having gone through this process without you!

Kyle M.

University of Hastings Law School Class of 2019

Luke met with me at my house in Marin to help me focus my thoughts and my complicated story into something that law schools would like. In only an hour, he helped me completely retool the direction of my letter. I would recommend Spark Prep to anyone!

Khue L.

Harvard University, Class of 2018

Your guidance is exactly what I needed. Thank you Luke; you’ve helped me so much during the stressful process. You saved the day!

Rachel H.

Organizational Behavior Ph.D. Student at UC Berkeley

Luke’s help was absolutely invaluable. Luke asked incredibly insightful questions that made me really think through my goals and interests, and made me confident that I put my best self forward.


UCLA Law, Class of 2016

Highly recommended! … Luke is outstanding in his mastery of the ‘crafting’ process of writing. And, he provided a ton of support and coaching to help me manage my timeline and stress.

Jake G.

Einstein College of Medicine, Class of 2017

Luke has a unique ability to help writers mold their thoughts, passions, dreams, aspirations, and stories into one cohesive piece of writing that helps bring to light their true strengths. He made all the difference in making my medical school applications organized and compelling. I couldn’t have done it without him.

Ahlia P.

Medical Residency Applicant

Luke was absolutely wonderful. Beyond being professional and thorough, he is very knowledgeable and helpful. He provided wonderful insight and suggestions that improved my Residency admissions essay greatly. Not only did we look at appropriate mechanics and structure, he sought to understand what exactly I was feeling and thinking in order to make sure it was getting across in the paper. Simply, Luke is able to invest himself in the process just as much as you, and the final product reflects that.

Leila S.


Luke is an exceptionally talented editor and writing coach. He helps the writer find and perfect his/her own voice, giving them tools to improve structure and economy of words, while paying careful attention to both the macro and the micro mechanics of writing. He often encourages me to get into a revision-mindset and constantly ask the question, ‘can I make a fuller impact with fewer words?’. He not only points out weak spots in a piece of writing with suggestions for revision, but also his favorite moments (and why), which I, as a novice writer, find extremely valuable. I typically learn more from a one hour session with Luke than from many more with others. Strongly recommended.

Michael T.

Stanford Class of 2010, Stockton City Council member

When I was considering what to do after Stanford, I spoke to Julie about my hopes, my ambitions, and my love for my hometown of Stockton. When I told her that I wanted to run for office, she was incredibly affirming of my decision and helped me map out the steps I would have to take to position myself for success. Dean Julie strives to help everyone become their best selves.