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Lan Chi

My experience with Spark Prep was beyond my satisfaction. I am glad that I worked with Spark Prep during my college application process. Among all… Read More »Lan Chi

Lê Quang

Throughout the year the I spent with Spark Prep, I have grown tremendously both as a student and as a person. From someone who is… Read More »Lê Quang

Bảo Võ

I was never an academically superlative student. Before working with Spark Prep, I would have been over the moon to be accepted by 1 US… Read More »Bảo Võ

Ngân Hà

Spark Prep team is a reliable source of encouragement. My counselor at Spark Prep carefully orientated me towards strategic ways to do things, yet never… Read More »Ngân Hà

Tôn Nữ

With Spark Prep, the application progress is not just a time to impress admission committees, it is a time for personal growth and learning. My… Read More »Tôn Nữ

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