Our Values

When your academic ambitions are in service to something greater than your own individual life, incredible insights arise and the application process itself becomes an opportunity to connect with who you want to be.

Spark Prep is most interested in the student as a human being. The ability to achieve and perform academically is reflected in the student’s transcript, GPA, and board scores, but today’s application offers students the opportunity to share what they find most meaningful about life.

This process produces profound insights that can then be clearly presented throughout an application.

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Why Spark Prep?

Our unique approach to education and the college application process helps prepare students for a life of academic and professional mastery. Our expert team is comprised of specialists from every major academic field.


Co-Founders Graduate from Stanford University with Honors


A team of nearly a dozen specialists, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia graduates


Collective four decades of admissions work


Clients in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong), India, China, Europe, and across the United States


We’ve worked with hundreds of students, who attend the most reputable American universities, including Stanford, every of Ivy, and most “public Ivies” for both graduate and undergraduate admissions.

Our services include

Resume development
Primary and secondary application essay coordination (Medical)
Interview coaching
Personal statements (Law, Business, and Ph.D.)
service support
service support

Optional services

Standardized Test Prep: GRE, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL…
Research Proposals Mentoring & Writing
Careers & Job Opportunities, Job Applications consulting

Admissions Results

admission results in after university

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