The Path to Universities

The best preparation for college applications is the development of individual intellectual passion and the cultivation of enriching experiences. The earlier students begin, the more time they have to develop their intellectual and personal interests.

Spark Prep's comprehensive admissions coaching program will get you to the finish line with a variety of activities, including mentorship, SAT/ACT test preparation instruction, and college application guidance.

Grade 9

  • Exploring interests (intellectual, creative, etc.)
  • Building community, relationships with mentors
  • Establishing strong habits
  • Thinking about and setting long-term goals, sense of self
  • Begin reading and writing skills building

Grade 10

  • Developing leadership, collaboration
  • Push academic rigor, begin challenging comfort zone
  • Expanding and focusing interest (intellectual, creative, etc.)
  • Developing resilience, grit
  • Begin SAT/ACT Prep
  • Summer experience planning (projects, programs, research, etc.)

Grade 11

  • First SAT/ACT sitting, TOEFL/IELTS
  • Strong academic rigor – intellectual focus - consistency
  • Leadership and community contributions solidify
  • Outside-of-school commitments are intentional and focused
  • Summer experience planning (projects, programs, research, etc.)
  • Begin college research and application essay writing

Grade 12

  • Complete college applications!
  • Final SAT/ACT sitting (if necessary)
  • Most rigorous course work, strongest performance
  • Most focused leadership in out-of-school commitments
  • Sense of fulfillment and accomplishment
  • Feeling of preparation for transition ahead

Individual, Comprehensive Guidance

Every student comes from a unique set of circumstances and experiences. Spark Prep customizes our programs for each individual student, designing a process that guides you through every aspect of the admissions process.

Our programs include:

  • A comprehensive strength analysis
  • School selection advising
  • Writing workshops
  • Essay coaching
  • Recommendation strategy
  • Family process coaching
  • Interview prep
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Our diverse admissions programs that best fit your needs

Each student’s process is individually developed based on their needs, interests, and growth trajectory.

Spark Prep offers a variety of admissions programs – from comprehensive admissions assistance to targeted help with specific parts of the process – to fit each student's specific goals and timeline. We focus on creating a supportive and empowering experience from beginning to end.

Contact our Admissions Expert for student proposals designed to fit each student's specific goal and timeline.

Spark Prep's Flagship All-Inclusive Admissions Program

*Best value*

Bloom Admissions Program

For Non-U.S Admissions

Hourly Packages

Choose from a variety of packages from 20 - 70 hours

Short-term Admissions Programs

For students who wish to complete their college application in less than 1 year

Our Process

Tell the truth

Spark Prep empowers students to speak their truth and tell their own story. The ability to speak one’s own truth is a skill that serves not only the admissions process but countless other experiences throughout life.

Deepen Connections

As it turns out, students who are able to articulate their values and demonstrate them in action are exactly the type of students admissions officers are looking for. We develop this skill by engaging in a process of thoughtful dialogue, goal-setting, and the cultivation of critical thinking.

Time Management

When students engage the admissions process with this approach, their stress and anxiety levels drop, they discover wonderful things about themselves, and they have the best chance of creating a compelling application.
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Why Spark Prep?

Our unique approach to education and the college application process helps prepare students for a life of academic and professional mastery. Our expert team is comprised of specialists from every major academic field.


Co-Founders Graduate from Stanford University with Honors


A team of nearly a dozen specialists, including Yale, Harvard, Stanford, and Columbia graduates


Collective four decades of admissions work


Clients in Southeast Asia (Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong), India, China, Europe, and across the United States


We’ve worked with hundreds of students, who attend the most reputable American universities, including Stanford, every of Ivy, and most “public Ivies” for both graduate and undergraduate admissions.

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