Dear Young College-Bound Fam and Current Applicants,


About this time of year, the stress can start mounting and the fear can begin to creep.


Some brief advice on maintaining a clear vision and solid mental health:


  • Your peers are your lifeline; let nothing come between you and your friendships. Let love guide you. I mean this very seriously.
  • Hold on to your integrity; it is easy to lose but difficult to regain.
  • Create a vision for your future that can be achieved through many paths; do not attach to one idea of what the road should look like. Stay flexible and nimble.
  • You have access to more resources than any generation that has come before you; senpais, online blogs and articles, youtube, counselors, mentors, “centers,” etc. Use them judiciously, always while listening to your own inner voice. You live most of your life with yourself; be clear about who you are and who you want to become.
  • There’s a lot of bad/incorrect advice out there; listen to your own conscience and use your logical faculties. If it feels wrong, let it pass. Everyone has an opinion. Not all opinions are correct.
  • Remember to have fun. Life is better when you’re having fun.
  • You’re doing a great job. This is not a platitude. You actually are. Feel it. Know it.

From Luke Taylor – Spark Prep Co CEO & Director of Admissions Programming

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