The objective of Spark Prep's Mock Test Services is to help students enhance their test-taking skills, boost their test scores, and gain confidence in their SAT and ACT preparations. We aim to provide a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that caters to students at different levels of proficiency.


Package Options: 

Basic Package: 

   - Price: $99

   - Target Students: Ideal for students who want to assess their initial test-taking abilities and identify areas of improvement.

   - Offers:

     + 3 Full-length SAT/ACT mock tests with detailed answer explanations.

     + Access to our advanced grading system that provides personalized feedback on strengths and weaknesses.

     + Self-paced study resources and practice questions.


Advanced Package: 

   - Price: $199

   - Target Students: Suitable for students who have already gone through initial test preparation and need more in-depth analysis and expert guidance.

   - Offers:

     + 6 full-length SAT/ACT mock tests with detailed answer explanations.

     + Comprehensive performance analysis and personalized study plan.

     + Expert assistance in developing strategies to improve weak areas (either using add on: exclusive hourly packages or claiming an one-on-one consultation [1 hour] with our test experts)

     + Access to exclusive study materials and practice drills.


Premium Package: 

   - Price: $349

   - Target Students: Designed for students aiming for top scores and seeking extensive support throughout their test preparation journey.

   - Offers:

     + 10 full-length SAT/ACT mock tests with detailed answer explanations.

     + In-depth performance analysis and one-on-one consultation (2 hours) with our test experts.

     + Customized study plan based on individual strengths and weaknesses.

     + Priority access to advanced Q&A sessions with experienced instructors & exclusive learning materials. 

Benefits of Using Our Mock Test Services: 


- Excellent Grading System:  Our advanced grading system provides students with detailed feedback on their performance, highlighting areas that require improvement, and recognizing their strengths. 


- Expert Guidance:  Students have access to experienced instructors who can help them interpret their mock test results and design personalized study plans.


- Comprehensive Resources:  Alongside mock tests, students receive access to a range of study materials, practice questions, and strategies to improve their scores.


Suggested Test Preparation Plan: 


  1. Beginners: 

   - Take the Basic Package to get a baseline score and identify areas of weakness.

   - Utilize the self-paced study resources to improve fundamental concepts.

   - Consider seeking college admissions coaching services for long-term planning and guidance.


  1. Intermediate: 

   - Opt for the Advanced Package to receive more comprehensive feedback and expert assistance.

   - Work on strengthening weaker areas and practicing with the provided study materials.

   - Consider combining with college admissions coaching services to create a holistic application strategy.


  1. Advanced: 

   - Choose the Premium Package to fine-tune test-taking skills and target top scores.

   - Engage in regular consultation with instructors to refine study plans.

   - Utilize college admissions coaching services for crafting standout applications and essays.



  1. Limited-Time Discount:  Offer a 10% discount on all packages for the first 10 sign-ups.
  2. Refer-a-Friend: Students who refer a friend receive a 5% discount voucher applicable to any Spark Prep 1-1 service.
  3. Bundle Package: Enroll in both mock test services and college admissions coaching to receive a 7% discount on the total cost.


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