For students applying to US colleges, standardized tests are a vital part of your application. The SAT or ACT test scores give admissions officers an idea of how well you perform academically, as compared with students globally. The tests create an international baseline for measurement, given that GPA is measured very differently from school to school and country to country. For international students seeking financial aid, strong SAT and ACT scores can be one of the most important components for consideration given how competitive the global applicant pool is becoming.


There are two primary standardized tests to choose from – the ACT and the SAT. Despite having some differences in content, these tests are interchangeable when applying to college. Colleges don’t prefer one over the other. So how do you choose?


Taking a mock test helps you decide which test is more suitable for you and your style, thus saving time when doing test prep. The ACT has more questions, and therefore is a higher time pressure test. Students who need a bit more time may prefer the SAT. The best way to find out is to take a mock exam and see how each feels to you.


A proctored and graded mock test will reveal your strengths and weaknesses, and allow you to focus on practice only the subject material that is most relevant to you. A mock test provides an analysis of what content you already know and what content needs to be learned or studied more in depth.


The more mock tests you take, the better you become at pacing. Familiarizing yourself with the test and test environment is extremely useful when taking the actual exam on test day. Studies have found that retesting will improve an individual’s score by 2/3rds of a standard deviation, on average.


Taking mock tests is more efficient than studying on your own. Mock tests replicate the actual test environment without the usual distractions you may encounter when studying in your room. For that reason, mock test results will reflect your ability more accurately than taking a timed practice test by yourself.


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Taking our free mock tests also entitles you a 10% discount (equivalent to 2 million VND) on our upcoming SAT and ACT classes in 2018. Spark Prep’s 8-week cutting-edge test prep program is taught in Singapore, Beijing and Hong Kong, and proven to be the most effective of its kind in Asia. Students who took the class recently raised their score by as much as 250 points on the SAT and 7 points on the ACT.
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